Volume 7 Issue 3 June/July 2008  

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts."
~ Zechariah 4:6

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I began the NaNoWriMo challenge on November 1, 2007, determined to complete the 50,000 words in thirty days as I had in 2004. (READ MORE...)

Spirit-Led Writer is a paying market!
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God's Glory, My Story
As I held the book in my hands, it seemed that God had provided us with an answer. (READ MORE...)

Review: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
Unlike most books on the craft of writing, this book is designed to be used after you've written your first draft. (READ MORE...)

Attending a conference?

Conference Review
I never miss Calvin College's biennial Festival of Faith & Writing, but it's hard to encapsulate. (READ MORE...)

The Christian Writers' View

Join 19 diverse panelists, moderators, and advanced and professional Christians who write, in focused panel discussions. For advanced and professional writers in the Christian market. Panelists and Moderators include:
Julie Barnhill
Wally Bock
T. Suzanne Eller

Sandra Glahn
Tricia Goyer
Janet K. Grant
Dennis Hensley
Lin Johnson
Ellie Kay
Cindy Kenney
D'Ann Mateer
Susan Titus Osborn
Don Otis
Tim Riter
David Thomas

Lynn Vincent
W. Terry Whalin
Karen Whiting
Kathy Carlton Willis
You can find more information by visiting The Writers' View or by emailing Mary DeMuth.

The Christian Writers' View 2

TWV's sister-group for beginning to intermediate writers. Panelists and Moderators include:
Brandy Brow
Lisa Crayton

Mary DeMuth
Sharon Durling
Pam Halter
Beth Jusino
Yvonne Lehman
Carmen Leal
Cecil Murphey

Sally Stuart
You can find more information by visiting TWV2 or by emailing Mary DeMuth.

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The Write Way: Be a Bezalel and Get Published
As writers, there is usually something that motivates us to write, whether it is a deadline, hunger, inspiration, or publication. Although the creative Bezalel did not seek credit for his work, the Old Testament master craftsman provides us with tips on how to become published writers, and authors. (READ MORE...)

"Touching Lives Through the Written Word"
Hillsborough (FL) Inspirational Writers One-Day Workshop at Cross Creek Ranch. Saturday, October 4, 2008, 8:30 - 5 p.m.
$75 early registration; $90 after 9/1/08
Contact Ruth or Debora,

Working with a Freelance Editor
You've written the Great American Novel, and it's ready for publication. But no one else seems to think so. Have you considered hiring a freelance editor?


Elements of a Successful Novel Proposal
The first time I was asked to submit a book proposal, I panicked. All that stuff listed in the guidelines—market comparisons, promotion ideas—surely that was only for serious, analytical-type writers. My book was about a girl with purple hair!

How Not to Lead a Writing Workshop
My least favorite subject in high school was public speaking. Now many years later, I was asked to be a presenter at a library's writing workshop. I was flattered, excited, and worried at the same time.

The Business of Writing

Writing on a Theme
Many publications publish their theme lists and seek freelancers adept at writing on specific topics. Some of these same publications often print an entire issue on a single theme. In other cases, publications provide a list of themes or topics that they would like to receive on an ongoing basis.

Meet Our Publisher!

Our Publisher, Lisa A. Crayton, will be teaching at various writer's conferences. Lisa would love to meet SPIRIT-LED WRITER visitors, or SLW-Update subscribers. Visit her website for a current schedule, and email Lisa if you're attending one of the events. Also visit her personal website to read her testimony or browse other relevant information.

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Inspired Romance  
Point of View (POV) is complex and can trip up even a seasoned author. It's important that the reader becomes drawn and attached to both the hero and heroine. (READ MORE...)

Encouraging News
Each year, thousands of aspiring writers flock to writers conferences bearing suitcases, manuscripts, and high hopes for enhancing their writing careers. One of them might be you! (READ MORE...)

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Treat Your Body Write!
Sleep is a critical element of our health, both physical and mental. Writers, like so many others, often face periods of sleep deprivation or problems. (READ MORE...)

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Nuggets for Personal

With summer upon us, it's an ideal time to reflect upon our writing. Specifically, it's an ideal time to reflect upon change. (READ MORE...)

Poetry Potpourri
Oh, the joy of writing poetry. This age-long literature brings satisfaction to the writer, and supplies the reader with poetic expressions that few things can equal.

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